7 Things To Ask Your Gold Coast Electrician

Lowrey’s Electrical knows and understands that you want to know you are getting value for the money you are spending when hiring a Gold Coast electrician, which is why we always encourage clients to ask questions.

When you ask questions, you gain crucial knowledge which helps you discern between choosing an electrician who will do a good job and a fantastic job. You get the confidence you deserve to take an active role in managing the workings and safety involved with your homes electrical wiring while also giving you insight into the ins and outs of the work performed by the Gold Coast Electrician.

Before Hiring

  • Do hold a licence to perform any electrical work on my property?

This might seem a little obvious, but it’s a crucial question to ask as it is a legal requirement for practising electricians to hold a licence to perform their work in most Australian states and territories. Also, the licence needs to be their own, not another person’s licence.

  • Do you have pubic liability insurance?

Sometimes, despite taking the utmost care things can go wrong. Electrical work is dangerous. If your electrician can’t show or prove to you they have a current public liability insurance policy; you are not only accepting a financial risk, but also a threat to your physical safety and the safety of your property. The insurance should protect not only the electrician but also you and your family as well as other people who enter your property in the ensuing years.

  • Do you have any reference or customer reviews I can see?

For any job (especially major ones like a new house) it is essential to look for references and reviews from previous customers. A good electrician with a track record of great jobs will be more than happy to provide this to you – they may even have customer testimonials on their site! Another great avenue is asking friends and families about electricians they have used. The majority of people love having a chance to recommend and refer a good gold coast electrician who has done work for them in the past!

  • How much experience do you have?

Generally the longer you have been performing a service, the better you know your job, product or service. This is especially true for electrical work. Ideally, you will want to work with an electrician with at least three years of experience and a licence to perform work. Trust your gut, don’t just take anyone’s word at face value – do the research. A simple ABN search will quickly dispel any doubts surrounding how long a contractor has been in operation.

  • Do you provide any specialist work?

If you have an oven or an air conditioning unit that requires installation, then you will want to work with someone who is trained in this area and understands the processes and risks associated with the job. Many electricians have a speciality or location of interest and will have more than likely had specialised training in this area.

  • Who will be carrying out the work?

While it might be easy to assume the person you speak to on the phone, will be the one to perform the job, it more than likely will not be the case. This will be especially true for larger jobs which typically involve a team. It’s always best to ask questions and find out as much as you can about the people involved working on the project. As a client, you deserve that peace of mind.

  • Will you arrive on time?

We all live busy lives; no one wants to spend all day waiting for an electrician or tradesman to arrive – wondering when they will get there. At Lowrey’s, we value your time. We would hate to inconvenience a client, so we call ahead to let you know we are on the way and when we will arrive.

After Hiring

So you’ve hired a gold coast electrician? Fantastic, but that doesn’t mean the questions stop there. Having a chat with an electrician in your home and office is a great time to not only respond to existing problems but talk about potential issues you can face in the future.

Taking the chance to ask about the state and efficacy of your home or offices electrical system can do a lot to help save you not just time and money, but also keep your family, friends and staff safe. You can also learn about efficiency and discover ways to lower the costs of running your home and the impact you have on the environment.

Asking questions helps you get the most out of your gold coast electrician for the money you are spending. Lowrey’s Electrical are always happy and ready to answer anyway questions you have. Contact us for your next job or a consultation today!