Do You Need A Charge Point Installed At Your Home?

School run. Grocery shop. Road trip to the coast. Every mile you drive adds up. Often it feels like you only just left the pump, and you’re back on the forecourt, filling up. It’s bad news for your bank balance and even worse on the environment. But you can escape the oil trap. In fact, 47,000 drivers did last year when they registered their plug-in electric vehicles and installed a charge point at their home.

Lowreys Electrical can help you install an electric vehicle car charging point at your home, quickly and affordably. But first, let’s check out the advantages of electric cars and their charging points.

From the modest milk float to charge-and-go hybrids

The digital age has pushed the boundaries of electric vehicle technology and continues to evolve as demand grows. These days, we’re talking more striking aesthetics, a greater range of features and more affordable prices. What was once considered an ‘out there’ idea is fast becoming the norm and chances are, if there aren’t currently any EVs in your neighbourhood, there soon will be.

Greener cars for a more efficient Earth

So what pushes people to make the switch? Well firstly, electric vehicles have some impressive environmental credentials. So, if you’re keen on keeping the planet a greener, more efficient place both to enjoy yourself and for future generations, you might want to consider greening your car.

Unlike petrol or diesel cars, electronic cars don’t emit any of the gases to global warming meaning they’re the ideal choice for anyone who cares about their carbon footprint.

No tax, no hidden costs and no big garage bills

Did you know that electric vehicles are exempt from road tax? So, there’s an annual saving already… but they’re also considerably cheaper to run – a big appeal for commuters and long-distance drivers with friends and family dotted all over the country.

Depending on your tariff, you could pay as little as ?? to fully charge an electric vehicle. That full charge will take you, on average, 100 miles wherever your path leads. And city dwellers will appreciate the free parking spaces in congested areas too.

Another advantage is their reliability. Conventional car engines have hundreds of moving parts, compared to an electric motor which has less than 20. So, you can imagine how much more reliable an electric vehicle is on the road and your savings. More confidence in your car and the road ahead means happier, safer drivers.