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Lowrey’ Electrical is a provider of air conditioning maintenance and installation to the Gold Coast – Tweed Heads region. We have been proudly servicing the Gold Coast – Tweed Heads area for over 6 years, and pride ourselves on transparent service, excellent workmanship and Attention to detail.

You can dramatically improve the reliability of your air conditioning system by having it professionally serviced on a regular basis. This routine upkeep is essential in making sure you can depend on air conditioning when you need it most. Non serviced air conditioners can lead to legionnaires disease and bacteria build up. Without regular service to your Air con units the coils can also become built up with corrosion and junk and cause it to freeze over which in turn makes the unit work harder and can cause the internal systems to break down.

But that’s not all – regular servicing also maximises the lifespan of your Air Conditioning system and your investment and keeps it running at optimum efficiency, saving you money on your energy bill.

Legionnaire’s Disease.

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Our licensed technicians are equipped to service all major brands, including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Alpine, Lennox, Kelvinator, Fujitsu ,Gree and much more.

We have extensive experience with all types of air conditioning systems, including ducted reverse cycle, split systems, central, reverse cycle multi split and evaporative cooling systems.

Depending on the specifics of your system, a routine air conditioning service may include tasks such as:

  • Re-tightening all flare nuts to eliminate any potential gas leaks
  • Checking and Testing all electrical connections and re-tension them
  • Testing current draw of electrical components
  • Checking all of the duct work to make sure there are no air leaks
  • Checking correct airflow throughout the system
  • Checking gas levels, Cleaning of all filters and Coils
  • Drainpipe flow and cleanse Rust and erosion prevention

Emergency Service

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Taking a preventative approach to air conditioning maintenance allows us to identify potential problems before your system stops working. We recommend scheduling annual service for getting optimal performance from your air conditioning system. All our customers receive a full written report plus a free service pack, which includes our handy energy saving tips, fridge magnet, and the opportunity to give your feedback.

For the most reliable air conditioning service GoldCoast & Tweed Heads has to offer, look no further than Lowrey’s Electrical.