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Designing a solar system involves the matching of site requirements and limitations matched to electrical outcomes.

There are two ways to approach a design – one is to have an export agreement and maximize the site – two is to match the design of the system to the sites usage profile.

At Lowrey’s Electrical We are CEC Accredited, and we determine which is the best method for our customers and match it to our customers’ specific requirements.

We Can provide a full proposal that demonstrates how much power you will produce and the reduced cost on electricity bills with full contracts, testing and servicing booklets handed out to give you the Peace of mind that we are here for the long run and do the job by the book unlike those cheap solar companies that are only here to make money for a few years then disappear leaing you with no warranty follow up. We offer life time warranty on all workmanship undertaken by Lowrey’s Electrical Pty Ltd.

To Design the best system for our customers we need to understand the following:

  • Building size
  • Building orientation (North facing)
  • Roof pitch and orientation
  • Tailored Kilowatt rating needed to reduce those nasty power bills
  • Best Fit for your home, Business and property.
  • to make it look aesthetically pleasing
  • But most Importantly make sure it is designed and installed to Australia’s Clean energy council regulations

Do you Need Help With Electrical Maintenance?

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Solar Servicing

It is the responsibility of a solar co-generation systems owner, to have their system regularly checked, as the system must be maintained in a safe operating condition. Regular maintenance and service of the operating system is imperative to enable optimum returns.

It is most unfortunate that many poorly installed and poorly maintained systems, continue to underperform today due to the lack of maintenance and service.

At Lowrey’s Electrical we offer the following comprehensive annual maintenance service:

  • Clean solar modules of grime build-up
  • Inspect array frames for corrosion
  • Inspect array frame fastenings for tightness
  • Inspect integrity of array cables, connectors and conduits
  • Inspect isolators for water ingress
  • Report solar system outputs and energy yield
  • Report necessary maintenance requirements We clean the solar panels
  • Test for loose connections between the solar panels
  • Test the rooftop isolator operations
  • Check the rooftop isolator for water ingress and loose connections
  • We check the inverter’s A/C and D/C isolators for water ingress and loose connections
  • Check the mountings of the inverter, racking and solar panels
  • Complete an anti-islanding test
  • Check the operation of the shutdown procedure
  • Provide a detailed report of your systems performance as compared to CEC industry standards

“Don’t be caught-out, for the small cost of a maintenance service visit, have your system checked today.”

Our team of system designers, installers and service technicians are all experienced licensed electricians with Clean Energy Council (CEC) accreditation.

Solar Installation

Once the design is finalised, our expert electricians can begin installing your new solar system. From the frame and solar panels to the inverter and solar batteries, Lowrey’s Electrical Solar expertly installs your system and integrates it with your home’s electricity network.

Emergency Service

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